Friday, 28 November 2008

Staying edgy in the 21st century.

If I were a hardcore Sex Pistols fan, this week I would have been raising the barrel to my temple and weeping uncontrollably while watching John Lydon advertising Country Life butter on TV. After carving a reputation as a punk icon I can only imagine how he justified this to himself. Times must be hard.


AWOL no more

Rather than just posting as normal, I thought I'd better make a small announcement regarding my whereabouts over the last 4 weeks. Then I thought about it some more and decided, no, fuck you, mind your own fucking business. All anyone needs to know was that it was a particularly difficult time for me that has left me more bitter and angry than ever at a world that consistently gives me the shit end of the stick. Fuck you world, technically I won this round- I can still walk. Just about. Nooch.

I'm back.


Tuesday, 25 November 2008

A serving of Post-Punk

New Wave, Post Punk, Art Punk, Darkwave. Call it what you will, but I've always been a sucker for pulsing basslines, danceable rhythms and angular guitars. Much thanks goes to Jon for the tip on the Birthday Party. Without him, I would never have been spurred into posting this. So, if it all sounds shit, not really my fault.

I couldn't make you all a mixtape, so a thorough pillaging of Youtube will have to suffice. Let's begin the proceedings with The Fall and Big New Prinz.

Next up, let's have some of that aforementioned Birthday Party with Release The Bats.

What celebration of post-punk with be complete without some Gang Of Four? Well, a shit one presumably.

A Certain Ratio are sadly underrated band. To be fair though, if you believe Michael Winterbottom's 24 Hour Party People, then they were being stacked up against Joy Division. Hardly fair really. Still, Shack Up.

ESG are the coolest ladies in the world. You can melt that fact and It'll freeze solid again. Why? Because it STOOONE COLLLLDDD! Sorry. They were the first band to make me dance, and my dancing is a gift to the world at large. Thank these fine ladies. Here they are, in 2006, still looking fly, with Moody.

The sound has been updated, modified and downright bastardised several times. Very few get it right, but to finish off, I thought a bit of a wild card was in order. Something more contemporary and one of the few current bands to get it right, !!! (Chk, Chk, Chk) with Heart of Hearts.

The Faux Bot

Friday, 14 November 2008

Arnie Metal

Arnie is a pop culture icon. He is fucking awesome. A good impression of him is always funny. I personally feel that him spawning a Metal sub-genre was simply a matter of time. With no further stalling for time, I present to you Austrian Death Machine with their hit record 'Get to the Choppa!'

The Faux Bot