Wednesday, 25 February 2009

TV's latest prime time offering.

Sky TV has a new show to be aired tomorrow on their flagship channel (not Babecast, the other one) Sky1 at 8PM. Called Hello Goodbye and hosted by someone called Kate Thornton it truly looks like the worst show ever dreamed up by man. This looks like emotional drivel for the... I can't even form proper sentences. I'm just staring at the monitor in a foggy rage, this is no condition to be constructive in, I'm not even going to try. Society is dead if enough people watch this show. Its about emotional people parting and reuniting at airports. That's it.

Some website said someone involved said this: "Executive producer Simon Welton added that the show will chronicle the 'huge events' in peoples' lives which unfold at airports."

"Well, I'm out guys. If this is what's cool now, I no longer have any connection to this world. I'm going to go home and kill myself. Goodbye friends" - Eric Cartman


Which is the best Steve?

I am curious today. Mainly about which is the best Steve. A bit of user participation is required here, in order to help satisfy my curiosity. Please help me decide by posting your vote and reasons why in the comments section.

1. T4 Loverman and Welsh sleaze-bag, Steve Jones:

2. The REAL saviour of Radio 1 and indie legend, Steve Lamacq:

3. White-haired one-time comic genius, Steve Martin:

May I remind you that Steve Jones really has done nothing, but is rather dashing. Steve Lamacq should be a national treasure and will be our generation's John Peel. Steve Martin was in The Man with 2 Brains and The Jerk, the other Steves weren't. However, he was also in two Pink Panther remakes and Cheaper By The Dozen, both other Steves weren't. Choose wisely, for there can be only one Steve.

The Faux Bot

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Some things never get old. No.1

Some things will stay with us for a long long time and this is one. In 1978 Shatner wowed us all with the greatest rendition ever of Rocketman. Everyone with an internet connection has seen this video but I swear its got infinitly more repeated viewings than any laughing baby or dancing fat guy. Plus William Shatner may be one of the best humans to ever live. You want evidence? Listen to Henry Rollins talk about recording with Shatner and you'll be convinced.

The little captions the user has added are pointless but its the clip with the best audio and video, so pay them no mind.

I'm a Rock-it-man.


Friday, 20 February 2009

Where have all the aliens gone?

Is it just me or is there a distinct lack of good science fiction on television at the moment? Star Trek is still going in the form of Enterprise, but I want more. Much more. They must be out there and I'm looking in the wrong places, if anyone has any recommendations I'm all ears. What the fuck happened to Firefly? Which complete git had the final say on that getting canceled after one series? Why did something so good last only 14 episodes when there is is so much garbage airing- running series after series?

Maybe the Orion slave girls could get their own spin-off? I'm just putting it out there.


Thursday, 12 February 2009

Flesh Eating Bacteria

So once again I'm out of hospital and once again I can't move around very much because I have a gaping hole in my side. This time though, I have a photograph. Taken when the dressing was being changed while I was in hospital I cannot describe the feeling of looking down and seeing this. Its amazing to say the least. It should heal nicely into a round or football shaped scar about an inch or so wide.

I'm not sure of my motives for posting it, except that I personally find it so fascinating and gross I wanted to share it. I guess. Also its the first thing I've ever deemed too low brow for this blog so I've hosted it elsewhere- In case you're a big girl and you don't want to see.
Oh, one more thing, its not actually flesh eating bacteria, its the opening used for an operation and perfectly normal. I just thought it looked like flesh eating bacteria. Plus its more rock and roll to say it is.

Photo Here. Recoil in horror.


Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Throw Down!

Its awwwwn! Go here and stick your nose into a battle of biblical proportions as the Faux Bot and the Paperboy go head to head in a Skate 2 trick-off. Go on, crowd around!


Sunday, 1 February 2009

In advertising? Kill yourself. Or try harder.

First off this post is in no way a car review or judgment of a car. The new 2009 Renault Megane Coupe could be great, it could suck, honestly I couldn't care less. What bothers me is the way its being advertised. People have just stopped trying to be paid for new ideas, and why not when the same shit still flies. A new advert, sure! Whats a good advert for something? Is being cool still cool? OK, lets go with that. Sex is still selling and people still want to purchase happiness? Great! Lets rehash the same shit we always do this week, piss up against this wall for the next 3 weeks and bill for a month! Right on! Look at my big house and shiny family.

This is the new advert for the 2009 Megane Coupe:

This laughable 'advert' cost many pennies and Renault probably paid up, pretending not to see the stifled laughter of the people taking the payment. Good news for Renault is I've made them a poster. It cost me nothing and they can have it for free. It gives exactly the same message to potential buyers but uses subtlety different wording to get the message across.

No need to thank me, I know I've done you proud.