Sunday, 4 January 2009

On the eleventh day of Metal Christmas

...therightbullets gave to me: Mastodon. Really all the credit goes to the Faux Bot for this one, turned me onto this band a little while ago and what a good pick.

The band sound really heavy and lets be honest that's what everyone wants, no one goes looking for a metal band to put on while they drink afternoon tea with the queen (?). Another thing this band definitely has going for it is beards. Wall to wall beards, a great prerequisite for a kick ass and watchable band. But that's it. Just heavy & beards. It's enough, who says it isn't?

Where Strides The Behemoth

For the first time I'm going to sell this band without even showing the song. Here's 44 seconds of intro and It's fucking great, it sounds like the music is going to break the microphone of whatever is recording it.

The whole song is cool, go look it up yourselves.


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