Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Tough act to follow.

Seriously, how can I even get close to '12 days of Metal Xmas'? I can't, not at all, but I held off to avoid embarrassment so you're getting a slice of my still-unnamed music promotion feature whether you like it or not. Again, no theme here, just a cross section of the past few weeks' listening. Scrap that, there is a theme after all; I know little or nothing about all the acts featured here and I'm not in the mood to read so open your freaking ears!

'Bleed American' was the first song I ever heard by Jimmy Eat World and I still swear that it's actually called 'Salt, Sweat, Sugar' maybe it's just a common misconception or somewhere along the way MTV stitched me up a treat. Either way the song kicks ass and their optimism has been keeping me afloat all week.

Everyone knows 'I Love Rock N' Roll' and in any just society this Joan Jett track would be equally as celebrated. I have to thank the glorious Rock Band 2 for introducing me to 'Bad Reputation' and now the whole album has been on heavy rotation all week. This my friends is pop-punk at it's finest, no fuss just some broad shouting her tits off about how nobody likes her over three repetitive chords. Bliss.

If you've subjected yourself to MTV over the last couple of weeks/months you may have heard The Crookers' remix of this Kid Cudi track - 'Day N Nite'. The video is fucking awful but they did a pretty good job of the remix. What you have here is the original track with one of those homemade still videos that allow people to share music on youtube. It sucks but it allows me to put the music up so I'm happy. If anyone knows of a way just to put music in here, I'm all ears (heh) but seriously, help.

I heard 'Well thought out twinkles' a while ago when it scored a trailer for Tony Hawk's Project 8 game. It knocked me out and I instantly got into Silversun pickups' album Carnavas. It's full of lush guitars, sweet melodies and lots n' lots of layers. Like a tall cake oozing with syrup.

Can I say nigga? The reason I ask is because I really wanted to show you all this Plastic Little video for 'All y'all niggaz dead'. I've yet to cream over Spank Rock on here, but hopefully when another album finally comes out I'll have the chance to. I got into Plastic Little through Spank Rock and it's easy to see why they get along so well. Both make abrasive and frankly odd sounding Hip Hop, the kind that makes me go nuts just like some of Black Flag's finest. If a record can make me feel like jumping on a car roof and acting like a fucktard then it's a winner. Plastic Little's 'Foil' does that to me but this one has the better video. Sometimes it's hard to work out whether they actually get anything done beyond taking the piss out of Hip Hop cliches but look beyond the facade and you'll get some fantastic bass-heavy-as-hell production and frankly insane lyrics.

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