Sunday, 1 February 2009

In advertising? Kill yourself. Or try harder.

First off this post is in no way a car review or judgment of a car. The new 2009 Renault Megane Coupe could be great, it could suck, honestly I couldn't care less. What bothers me is the way its being advertised. People have just stopped trying to be paid for new ideas, and why not when the same shit still flies. A new advert, sure! Whats a good advert for something? Is being cool still cool? OK, lets go with that. Sex is still selling and people still want to purchase happiness? Great! Lets rehash the same shit we always do this week, piss up against this wall for the next 3 weeks and bill for a month! Right on! Look at my big house and shiny family.

This is the new advert for the 2009 Megane Coupe:

This laughable 'advert' cost many pennies and Renault probably paid up, pretending not to see the stifled laughter of the people taking the payment. Good news for Renault is I've made them a poster. It cost me nothing and they can have it for free. It gives exactly the same message to potential buyers but uses subtlety different wording to get the message across.

No need to thank me, I know I've done you proud.


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