Sunday, 22 February 2009

Some things never get old. No.1

Some things will stay with us for a long long time and this is one. In 1978 Shatner wowed us all with the greatest rendition ever of Rocketman. Everyone with an internet connection has seen this video but I swear its got infinitly more repeated viewings than any laughing baby or dancing fat guy. Plus William Shatner may be one of the best humans to ever live. You want evidence? Listen to Henry Rollins talk about recording with Shatner and you'll be convinced.

The little captions the user has added are pointless but its the clip with the best audio and video, so pay them no mind.

I'm a Rock-it-man.


1 comment:

PrestiegeWorldwide1985 said...

Awesome Vid Brutha!!! Shatner just oozes coolness!! Watching that you can just forgive him for all those star trek episodes.