Tuesday, 21 October 2008

If you can't kill them, mock them

Every day I make a conscious effort to filter out any sort of mainstream press. I'm not trying to be 'oh-so counter culture', I just feel that most news outlets have very specific agendas that I find either personally offensive or damaging to society. However, I am often subjugated to the BBC's 'Breakfast' show so I am well aware that there is a 'Worldwide Financial Crisis' and my girlfriend drives so I also know that petrol prices are extortionately high right now. Essentially, I cannot afford to participate with the rest of the world right now. The things that I am told that I need in order to become a regular member of society (car, house, debt) are all so far out of my grasp that I have simply stopped trying. With that said, it should now be clear that I am just the sort of loser that finds market crashes, banks going bust and global meltdown absolutely hilarious. It's the equivalent of not being allowed in some bigger kid's tree house and then pissing yourself as it burns down after being hit by lightning. No money, no problems.

You may wonder what set off this little rant and I am more than happy to satisfy your curiosity. May I present to you The Blog of Brokers with their hands on their faces. The lighter side of financial crisis. I just love to think about their lives going down the pan. If it wasn't an industry solely motivated by greed, then I wouldn't be bypassing my normally sympathetic manor. Thing is, I just love to see people get their comeuppance.

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Irkin Invader said...

Im with you 100%, fuck people with 'Money'!