Friday, 10 October 2008

The majesty of the Clinical Burger.

There is a place in a city not far from here, where taste meets enjoyment. Imagine a white palace where all the guards wear white hats and all the surfaces, be they floors or counter tops, sparkle and glimmer like pure polished granite. I have been there many times with friends, all sharing in the late night snacking fit for the good lord himself. Thinking about it, I'm sure if the lord ever did want a burger he would not hesitate to boldly walk up to the counter and order a 'number 6'. But I digress.
Tonight friends, I am saddened. It has been many months since I have had a clinical burger and the desire is manifesting itself once again. Yet I am far removed from the white palace and I know not when I return. Let us all hope and prey that I feed the beast before too much time passes and blood is not this time spilled.



Irkin Invader said...

Bro, thats the most poetic statement i have ever read, i too have been craving the chickeny goodness for some time now. Twas only last week that i mentioned to my special lady friend that i was in need of a 'Clinical Burger', but as it is situated slightly off the beaten path of town i never get the chance.....please.......for both our sakes..........let's organize a fucking trip!!!


Split-Screen said...

I think organizing a trip to Clinical Burger is a sure sign of total mental deteriation.