Thursday, 12 February 2009

Flesh Eating Bacteria

So once again I'm out of hospital and once again I can't move around very much because I have a gaping hole in my side. This time though, I have a photograph. Taken when the dressing was being changed while I was in hospital I cannot describe the feeling of looking down and seeing this. Its amazing to say the least. It should heal nicely into a round or football shaped scar about an inch or so wide.

I'm not sure of my motives for posting it, except that I personally find it so fascinating and gross I wanted to share it. I guess. Also its the first thing I've ever deemed too low brow for this blog so I've hosted it elsewhere- In case you're a big girl and you don't want to see.
Oh, one more thing, its not actually flesh eating bacteria, its the opening used for an operation and perfectly normal. I just thought it looked like flesh eating bacteria. Plus its more rock and roll to say it is.

Photo Here. Recoil in horror.



Irkin Invader said...

Man......thats gnarly! But i don't think it's too much, you can file it under personal medical interest?

...........or 'Other' fuckhole loving?


Folie A Deux said...

LMAO. Cheers dude, I think I'll go with personal medical interest, I couldn't find the blogger category for your second suggestion!

Split-Screen said...

Holy fuck! That is the very essence of Bonesick! Krandal is so FUCKING RAD! Good to have you back brother.

Pierce said...

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