Sunday, 19 October 2008

A Message to The Kids: Keep Everything

I've recently been whiling many an hour away over at our mate's blog: and if there's one thing I've learned from it, then it's that, culturally, I had an amazing childhood. After reminding about Madballs, he willingly fulfilled my request for a Boglins post and I have no doubt that My Pet Monster or Monsters In My Pocket will soon follow. What I've realised is that I owned most of these awesome toys and now they are nowhere to be found. Who is to blame? THE PARENTS!

Parents will just throw that stuff right out, there's simply not enough room for your monster collection, your bargain-basement Macross and your original Millennium Falcon. Now, I can hardly say that I "suffered" from ADHD as a child, more "reveled" in it, but my parents swear blind that they'd have had me locked down on Ritalin and would be reaping plenty of government grants if they had got me diagnosed. My destructive behaviour and 2 minute attention span means that I no longer have any of those cool toys and this breaks my heart.

I urge you, keep all your cool stuff, even if you don't quite appreciate it right now, because a close friend of yours may start writing a blog, reminding you of it all and all you'll have is your own regretful tears. Make your parents listen to my tale of woe and they'll find some extra room for you. I would give up half of my stuff just to have my completed Sloppy Slobs sticker album back.

The Faux Bot


Irkin Invader said...

Dude....i still have my 'Sloppy Slobs' sticker album in my room, an it's complete!!!!


Melinda said...

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