Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Which is the best Steve?

I am curious today. Mainly about which is the best Steve. A bit of user participation is required here, in order to help satisfy my curiosity. Please help me decide by posting your vote and reasons why in the comments section.

1. T4 Loverman and Welsh sleaze-bag, Steve Jones:

2. The REAL saviour of Radio 1 and indie legend, Steve Lamacq:

3. White-haired one-time comic genius, Steve Martin:

May I remind you that Steve Jones really has done nothing, but is rather dashing. Steve Lamacq should be a national treasure and will be our generation's John Peel. Steve Martin was in The Man with 2 Brains and The Jerk, the other Steves weren't. However, he was also in two Pink Panther remakes and Cheaper By The Dozen, both other Steves weren't. Choose wisely, for there can be only one Steve.

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Folie A Deux said...

Somewhere Steve Buscemi is weeping he didn't make a Steve list that includes; a nobody, someone from a dead medium and Steve Martin.


Split-Screen said...

..(lenny style) shuuuttt uuup...

This could be a long term feature!

PrestiegeWorldwide1985 said...

What about steve guttenberg?