Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Huggable Pillow Covers

I love finding stuff that makes me stop and consider my own reality. Finding something I consider so niche that it makes the brain go into overdrive imagining the kind of person who can seriously own such an item.

I give you the huggable pillow case:

What it does for $92.99 I'm not sure, but what I do know is that this concept is awesome. Having said that, I could never buy one. Why? There's a part of my brain that just wouldn't allow me to click 'proceed to checkout' even if I had this much disposable cash and added it to my cart on a gin soaked whim.

Any ideas on the kind of people pre-ordering this item are welcome, its a site these were found on but the magazine (where I think the image came from) and characters are Japanese. I'm happy to see this stuff has a market in the west, I'm just not sure who that market is.

To summarize: awesome yet confusing.

Get yours here! Choose from 3 designs!


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