Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Witty article title pending....

I sat on 'iTouch my Shuffle' for about ten minutes before I realised how fuck-awful it was. Being as this feature itself is incredibly soulless, I thought I'd better ponder the title for a bit longer. Whatever it gets called, here is the first of many posts with which I regale you with tales of how wondrous the shuffle function on my MP3 player is and what gems it has pulled up lately. So, In the famous words of Jesse: This week, I have been mainly listening to:

Say what you will about Mr. West. Go on. I do, rather loudly, and on a regular basis. He's an egotistical wanker who seems to think that the constant dropping of the term 'sonic art' and name-checking of Damien Hirst, somehow qualifies him as a 'true' artist. God knows what that even means, but he seems pre-occupied with it. Kanye was and still is, better than your average rapper and whilst I'd love to say that his new foray into synth-pop was a failure, it clearly isn't. The album as a whole is heartfelt and genuine and he manages to retain a fine layer of masculinity throughout, his over-use of the auto-tune making him seem robotic and disconnected from his outpouring of emotion. He's a smart guy and Paranoid is the stand-out track from 808's and Heartbreaks. No proper video, sorry.

What Do I Get? has pretty much always been my favourite Buzzcocks song. I first heard it on the Ghost World soundtrack and have loved it ever since. It's one of many perfect examples of poppy British Punk. They should put this in a time capsule just so they can see what we were capable of. I wish I had found this when I was 14. *sigh*

It's no secret that I love DEVO. The idea, the band, the image. They are the most infinitely interesting band to me. I remember when I discovered that Mark Mothersbaugh did the music for Rugrats. I nearly shit myself when it dawned on me that their unique sound had been with me my entire life, when I heard Devo for real, it was like part of my subconscious was re-awakened. Be Stiff! Well, go on!

What?! Who the fuck are The Coool Kids!? C'mon gramps. You got your finger up your ass and not on the pulse! Sorry. These kids are hipper than the name suggests and awesome with it. The bass makes my skull rattle on early morning bus rides, combined with my nuka-coffee to make the ultimate wake up mix. I'm Mikey.

That's it for now. Sorry for some of the shit videos. But alot of these weren't singles. Just enjoy the music and stay tuned for more coherent future posts with what's sure to be an awesome title. Word.

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