Wednesday, 31 December 2008

On the sixth day of Metal Christmas

...therightbullets gave to me: The Sword. Before some clever dick points out that today is the 31st and the 7th day of Christmas, I know, and I'm playing catchup. Alright punk >.
The sword are one of the best bands around and their quick progress up the metal ladder is testament to this. With only 2 albums they are definitely the youngest lot in this little feature, but boy do they play good. Their first album was so fucking amazing that the second album was bound to be a slight let down. Nevertheless its still an excellent album and as solid as they come. This band can do no wrong at present.

Also did I mention the lyrics? Yeeeehaaaaa. Winters Wolves off the first album may have the best words to any song ever- go look them up!

How Heavy This Axe

"So many men have fallen
So many more must die
Cut down like wheat beneath a scythe
And through our limbs may be weary
of ripping, slashing, cleaving blows
We face an endless host of foes

How heavy this axe
Burden carried from birth
Wrought in Stygian visions
By the gods of the earth

Upon the hallowed mountain
The gods convene
To mourn the death of our ancient queen
Keepers of sacred fire
Awaken from your sleep
Drink from the cup of memory"


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